HotTubSauna has been supplying the finest quality hot tubs and saunas and  for over a decade. Some of our Solid oak hot tubs can be traced with 8 year feedbacks.
Unlike a lot of other suppliers, we don’t just buy/sell, but we are deeply involved in manufacturing  processes as well, therefore providing the best quality products on the market so far. 
We are a family owned company that has been started in 1999 and concentrating primarily on wood, fiberglass processing and production. Today we supply an impressive range of products; we provide high quality, competitive prices and a friendly service.

Traditional Scandinavian style wood hot tubs

The health benefits of deep soaking wood-fired hot tub or wood hot tub have been entrenched as ritualistic practices in several cultures such as the Greeks, the Romans and the Japanese. Soaking in the Japanese bath was considered as an act of comforting the body and nourishing the soul.

Hydrotherapy techniques involve the use of water at different temperatures and states so as to induce a healing effect. The health potential of soaking in deep bathtubs lies in the fact that water can retain and transmit heat, and use it as a healing tool. Hot water baths are known to promote circulation, to relax tensed and aching muscles, and to reduce the pain of physical wounds.

Arthritis patients can gain comfort from the warmth and buoyancy of water. Bathtub exercises are often recommended in tub baths.

Soaking in hot tubs can calm the mind, relieve stress and promote a good night’s sleep. Alternatively, you can take a cold shower after enjoying a hot soak in order to feel energised.

The Scandinavian style hot tubs are way more deeper compare to the plastic spas. This is very important for a full body submersion for people with aches and pains.

Traditional Scandinavian style barrel saunas

There are various types of sauna that are available today. Among them,barrel sauna is considered the most preferred type of sauna. This type of sauna gets its name because of its cylindrical shape. This shape becomes the most important factor of why this sauna becomes the most preferred. If you sit inside a square sauna, you cannot optimally enjoy the heat because the produced heat will eventually accumulate on the top of the sauna. On the other hand, if you stay inside this cylindrical sauna, you will be able to enjoy the heat optimally because its cylindrical shape allows the heat to be distributed evenly throughout the chamber.

Hot Tub Variations

Soaking tubs can be found in several styles.  Wooden hot tubs, can even be installed in difficult to access places and can be customised in the form of Jacuzzi tubs that use hot tub jets.

A soaking tub is an affordable luxury with several benefits both for health and recreation.