Air bubbles

Turn your hot tub into bubble bath. We supply and install air bubbles equipment, which provides a soft massage and brings a lot of fun for kids. In this case the air jets are mounted in the bottom. We have two types of air blowers. With heating the air and not. Having the blower with the heater you can rest assured that by switching on air bubbles, the water in your hot tub will not cool down, which is not the case with the simple blower.

We provide all plumbing parts as well. For the hot tub up to 1.8 diameter, we advice to have at least 1HP air blower and 6 air jets. Controls via air ON/OFF switch. 

To avoid water freezing in pipes, after the hot tub has been drained, please run a blower on a dry cycle for 30 sec or so. The system installed for £ 199

Water Jets

We supply and install water jets mounted in hot tub walls. The biggest advantage is that it can be positioned virtually in any place on the wall and therefore can massage different body parts. We have a wide selection of the whirlpool pumps. We advice to have 1HP power pump for 2 jets, 1.25 HP for 4 jets and 1.5 HP for 6 jets. We do not recommend to use stronger pumps if you want to have only couple jets as it creates a back pressure and eventually will damage the pump.  

Controls, plumbing are supplied as well. Installed  just for £389.    


Underwater light shows many combinations of red, blue, green and yellow. The slowly shifting lights create therapeutic feeling. The visual effect is stunning when dark outside - bubbling steaming water and shades of light shining through it. Sold at £89.

If you wish to have an easy control of your external boiler, we can provide you shut off valves to be mounted on connection spigots. Very easy to switch OFF the boiler once you have reached your desired temperature. Available at £ 49 each.

Ash shovel. Very handy tool to clean and remove ashes from your boiler.
Drink holder: Can be added on a partition grid. Available as much as for 10 bottles at £ 39

Whatever you are DIY competent person and wish to build your own decking, we can supply you various shapes and lenghts rich grain Siberian Larch decking boards with measurements: 28 x 136. Sold per running meter at £2.49. Can be cut to your required lenghts and specifications free of charge.   

We can provide you joists and support posts as well.