The most popular heating source for the wooden hot tubs is wood fired stove. Majority of the consumers appreciate the simplicity of this heating source. It can be used all year round, regardless of weather conditions. Cheap heating source with firewood, coal mixed with wood or smokeless fuel. All our wood fired stoves are made either from stainless steel or marine grade aluminum. Aluminum heaters are around 40 % more efficient compare to stainless steel, however, the heat output can not be considered only from the material the stove is made. The bigger heat output is measured by the quantity of circulation pipes inside, size of the stove. 

All our wood fired stoves made from stainless steel come in marine grade 316 L suitable for Chlorine/Bromine and Sea Water use. We dont charge extra for this and do not supply cheap, low grade 430 stainless steel stoves.

Hot tubs with external heating stove 

The external stove has many advantages over internal one, because it saves space in a tub, it is way more easier to clean, portable and can be attached to other sources should you decide to have a small pool etc. External stoves are made from two sections (water jacket). The principal of external heating stove is described on thermosyphon water flow (rising hot water), no electricity or pumps required. It is a self circulating heater rated at different KWs depending on stove' size.  

Timberline external stoves:

Patented Canadian design to withstand harsh winters; Supplied with air bleed gauge for an easier operating; Air bleed valve assures smooth thermosyphon water flow; Cylindrical shape for the max heat output; Ashtray for easy cleaning. MIDI size for tubs up to 1.8m diameter; Maxi for tubs up to 2.2m diameter.  XXL for heating small swimming pools. 

HotTubSauna is proud to be the only company in the UK who offers Timberline round stoves not only in stainless steel, but in Aluminum 5754 as well. Alu 5754 is widely used in applications that require resistance to corrosion caused by sea water. This aluminum alloy is priced way above than lower grade stainless steel 430, however requires very high welding skills. 



Hot Tubs with inside stove

A heater / stove  (made either from aluminum or stainless steel) is being a sort of metal container below the water in which you can burn the wood. This heater has 2 openings that are above the water, 1 for air landing with wooden handle, and 1 for smoke exhaust.

A chimney is mounted directly on a smoke pipe. All chimneys are equiped with cap on it. The cap serves as a sparks protection as well.                      

To reach the same seating capacity hot tubs with internal stove are bigger compare to the same ones with external stove. They are heated faster compare to the ones with external stove, however consider the fact that it reduces space in the tub at least for two adults and are a bit more difficult to clean.


Hot tubs with electrical heating

 The hot tubs can be heated with electrical heating as well. This type of heating is being used in high rural areas and the addition to the woodfired heating. The electro heating consists of circulation pump and 3kw elect heater. Top load filter can be added on the line to keep your water crystal clear. Therefore, we do not advice to use only 3 KW elec. heating on the tubs bigger than 1.6m diameter as it extends the heating time. 

Since the wood is a perfect thermal insulator and the water temperature in the wooden hot tub decreases very slowly ca 1 degree in every 2 hours (because of the thick wood), this heating source can be used as a part of dual heating system to keep the constant water temperature as well. Can be plumbed in various shapes i.e U, L, V or in any combination between these shapes, depends on the space you have. Very easy to attach/disconnect from the main water plugs. Can be covered with bespoke steps if required.    

Sauna heating  

The barrels saunas are constructed using the same ball and socket connection technology. The circular shape provides a much superior heat/steam circulation versus to square or restangular sauna rooms. The 40mm walls provide natural insulation barrier for heat retention while still allowing the sauna to breath.With a round design there is 23% less area to heat compared to the same size box styled saunas. 

The wood fired heating compared to the electrical one provides a much greater steam and less dries out the air inside the sauna cabin. Besides the heating time is shorter.

We use Harvia M3 sauna heaters. The sauna in size W1.9m x L2m with Harvia M3 can be heated up to 80 degrees within 45 minutes. The heating stones are supplied as well.

For the electrical heating we use Harvia Vega heaters. Electrical heating provides less effort to heat your sauna and can be used in high rural areas where smoke is not allowed.   

We supply externally heated stoves for Saunas in size up to 12 people.