1. The wooden hot tubs are built using the same old barrel making co-operage. The whole structure consists of wooden bottom and staves going around the base. Depending on its size, there are 60-80 pcs of staves in one hot tub. Every stave has ball and socket connection which perfectly match each other. By pressing them together the strong and waterproof joint is created. Thats why all our products are machined using CNC controlled Weining 8 head moulder which assures accuracy and consistency every time which is not possible to achieve manually.   

The wood is a perfect thermal insulator, hence the wooden hot tubs do not need to be insulated additionally. However, when comparing similar products, please bear in mind that the thicker the wood - the better thermal insulation value (meaning shorter heating times) and resistance to dry rot. All our wooden hot tubs/saunas are finished in 40-44mm timber thicknesses.

2. We supply deep soakers made of plastic and covered with wood. Such hot tubs have plastic shell made of Polypropilene sheets and with wood surround. From outside they look like wooden ones. They are more easy to maintain and clean, however consider the fact that thermal insulation value is way less compare to the wooden ones. They are delivered assembled. Colors can be: sea water blue, black, sand/beige and grey.

Another choice is combining wooden hot tub structure (thick timber) with plastic shell inside by using Polypropilene sheets manufactured in the UK. This virtually provides unlimited possibilities in terms of sizing, and shapes. Even larger wooden hot tubs can be converted into small hot swimming pools and installed in difficult to access places. Polypropilene is highly durable, fire retardant, UV resistant material and it is widely used in swimming pools, drinking water tanks manufacturing industries.    


If you are fancy with an idea of wood fired hot tubs, however not willing to spend an extra time on cleaning etc, the perfect choice for you are wood fired hot tubs made out of glass fiber. Colors can be any from RAL pallet (www.ralcolor.com). Glass fiber hot tubs are considered the most ergonomic ones in wood fired hot tubs industry. Since the seating area is closed, it reduces the water volume by 15-20 % which in turn reduces the heating time. Closed seats are the perfect place to hide all electric devices should you consider to have air bubbles, electrical heating installed. Available as built in models and free standing ones. Elec heating can be installed under the benches, thus no additional space required.

The fiberglass hot tubs are the most comfy to sit, compare to plain barrel tubs. Neither polypropilene or plain wooden tubs can compete with fiberglass in terms of sitting comfort, heating times and variety of colors. Please take a look at a short video of elec heated fiberglass hot tub to appreciate the sitting comfort and coloring.



Designed in the UK, made in Europe.

HotTubSauna team is proud to present NEW IN THE UK- the wood fired hot tub with the lowest Carbon emission on the planet. Square Sport hot tub designed for those who value  every minute of they live, always short on time and seek nothing more, just to relax. It is simply not possible for traditional design wood burning hot tubs to compete with Square Sport ergonomics, sitting comfort and the most important - HEATING TIME. Beautiful Jakuzzi shapes, 2-4 seater, 2 seats and a lounger contains only 650 liters of water when full. Thats is almost twice less than the same size traditional wood burning hot tubs. External measurements: Lenght 2m, Width 1.5m, Depth 80 cm. It is a must to have for every family, available from only £2099  including water jets, LED lighting, log burner or electro heating.   


The stainless steel stove, which is elegantly integrated between wood paneling and tub creates an outdoor bathroom environment. The interaction between those lovely round shapes guarantees a comfortable soaking for hours. In addition to excellent siting comfort WELLNESS also has a comfortable armrest and raised kids seat. Internal diameter 1.8m and waterline depth 95cm make WELLNESS the perfect family hot tub. Available from only £ 1999 excl. delivery.

Octogonal glass fiber hot tubs contain 18% more seating capacity compare to the same diameter round wooden ones.


Octogonal Glass fiber hot tub 1.8m x 1.8m, water capacity 1000L  

Basic set including:

  • Blue fiberglass shell (other colors on request)
  • Wooden decoration panels
  • External stainless steel heater with connections and chimney
  • Wooden lid
  • Wooden supporting bottom
  • Drainage plug/drain tap
  • Matching steps
  • Main dimensions W1.8m L 1.8m Depth 1m, capacity 6 People
  • Available from £1,699 excl. delivery. Comes with treated wood.  

Octogonal Glass fiber hot tub 1.8m x 2.4m, water capacity 1600L  

Basic set including:

  • Blue fiberglass shell (other colors on request)
  • Wooden decoration panels
  • External stainless steel heater with connections and chimney
  • Wooden Lid
  • Wooden supporting bottom
  • Drainage plug.
  • Matching steps
  • Main dimensions W1.8m L 2.4m Depth 1m, capacity 8 People
  • Available from £2,199 excl. delivery. Comes with treated wood.  


Octogonal Glass fiber hot tub 2.4m x 2.4m, water capacity 2300L  

Basic set including:

  • Blue fiberglass shell (other colors on request)
  • Wooden decoration panels
  • External stainless steel heater with connections and chimney
  • PVC tent cover
  • Wooden supporting bottom
  • Drainage plug.
  • Matching steps
  • Main dimensions W2.4m L 2.4m Depth 1m, capacity 10 People
  • Available from £2,499 (without table) excl. delivery. Comes with treated wood.  
  • Available from £2,899 (with table) excl delivery. Comes with treated wood.



Round Glass fiber hot tub D1.8m, water capacity 1200L  

Basic set including:

  • Blue fiberglass shell (other colors on request)
  • Wooden decoration panels
  • External stainless steel heater with connections and chimney
  • Wooden supporting bottom
  • Drainage plug/drain tap, and Wooden lid. 
  • Main dimensions Diameter 1.8m Depth 1m, capacity 6 People
  • Available from £1,699 excl delivery. Comes with treated wood. 


We are pleased to offer you an exclusive hot tub for your patio or front room sauna! Combining deep soaking experience with the most ergonomic design for an ultimate relaxation experience!!. 8 conered 2100mm hot tub with the main dimmensions: Exterior - 2100mm, Height 1050mm. Inside: 1750mm, Depth 910mm, Height from the ground 1050mm including the wooden frame, the water volume - 1250l. 

The Hot Tub shell has been produced from exclusive Lucite acrylic blue marble. In thermo vacuuming process the antibacterial layer has been used making the whole shell structure specifically for outdoor use in snow, rain, and sunny weather conditions. The hot tub is 6 people. All raw materials for shell production are manufactured in the UK. Bringing industry back to the United Kingdom!!!

Any options such as: water massage jets, air bubbles, LED lighting, wood fired heating, elec heating, filtering etc can be installed according to your wishes!!!

Prices start from as little as £ 2999.

3. We would be happy to realize any bespoke project for leisure centres, farm houses etc. Here you will find couple links with our hot tubs made for business customers. The bookings went up by 22-34% after the tubs have been installed.

; http://opendooradventure.co.uk; Haven Meadows Yurt Camp; Secret Garden in Spain; http://www.r-i-lifecoaching.com/secretgarden.html

Today the most common wood species for the wooden hot tubs and saunas are Siberian Spruce, Siberian Larch and luxury Solid OAK. In addition we offer hot tubs made from heat treated wood i.e Thermowood.

 Thermowood features compared to untreated wood:

* Wood becomes darker
* Risk of mould formations is radically reduced
* Insulation capacity improved by 30%
* Resin seepage is eliminated
* Material is lighter but is more durable
* heat treated wood is colored all the way through
* Moisture content is reduced by 90%
* Environmentally-friendly material without additives
* Minimal maintenance, oil treated once a year
* Dryness doesn't lead to leakages
* Very durable and stable shape.

Heat treated ThermoWood is a class 2 type of wood together with cedar and oak. The extraordinary durability of heat treated wood, the color also resembles more "exotic" species of wood, depending on what process is used the color varies from light brown to dark brown. During the process the wood is "aged" so that its structure is like hundred years old tree.

Thermowood is more expensive than Siberian Spruce but the huge "savings" are at the very high level of durability and almost maintenance free material. For the sake of aesthetics we recommend a simple oil treatment once a year.

 Siberian Spruce 

Our hot tubs can be made of real Spruce from Siberia. The wood often has a bright white color. It is highly recommended to treat the wood on the outside 1 or 2 times a year, by using line-seed oil, or wood oil. The Siberian Spruce is a softwood and the life span of the wooden hot tub should last up to 6-7 years. Even when building a hot tub from Siberian Spruce, therefore we advice to put the base framework made out of Siberian Larch timber.

The biggest advantage of Spruce timber is that it can be stained virtually in any color you wish to suit your garden landscaping, which is not the case with Thermowood or Siberial Larch. Depending on your preferences you can choose Redwood or Oak colors etc.

For a simple oil treatment we advice to use Danish wood oil. 1littre  is enough to treat all outside surfaces at a time.

Siberian Larch

The most amazing feature of Siberian Larch is its natural resistance to decay. The following properties are responsible for its durability:
High Density – Siberian Larch has an average density of 41 lbs/ft3 which is more than Western Red Cedar. A hard, rough timber is 70% stronger than Scottish Pine. Higher densities make it more difficult for decaying organisms to penetrate the wood. Other than Ipe, Siberian Larch is denser than all the other  (except solid oak) most commonly used decking materials. It can be used untreated/painted in wet weather conditions and will not rot for 20 years even if left in the ground.        

Models in Larch wood are the most sold. Larch grows more slowly and therefore has a higher wood density, and contains a higher resin substance. This wood has a much warmer brown color, with beautiful visible grain.
Because of the natural wood impregnation, the bathtub is more resistant to the weather. Larch has become the most sold wood for Wood fired Hot Tubs.


 Solid OAK

Oak wood has a density of about 0.75 g/cm3, great strength and hardness, and is very resistant to insect and fungal attack because of its high tannin content. It also has very appealing grain markings, particularly when quarter sawn. Oak planking was common on high status Viking long ships in the 9th and 10th centuries.  Wide, quarter-sawn boards of oak have been prized since the Middle Ages for use in interior paneling of prestigious buildings such as the debating chamber of the House of Commons in London.

We have seen some oak hot tubs in Sweden aged over 50 years and still in daily use.

One of our old happy customers simply quoted: My hot tub is still going well and in use in snow rain and sun. One of my better investments so far.

Solid oak hot tubs delivered only ready assembled and positioned to the final places using cranes and hiabs (depending on site access) as the smallest weights over 1000kg empty.

Please contact us for delivery details and to obtain a site survey.

Prices start from £ 2799 excluding delivery and positioning.