We believe in a fair market competition where the main principle says - the right product at the right price. If you do not respect your competition, how you will respect your customers? Looking at this website which pops up first on Google search engines we decided do not tolerate some "dirty games"  which these companies are playing and we feel an obligation to state what is happening on the market today. It is very likely that they already removed this chapter where we have done a screenshot on 24/05/2016. We also are in close contact with other companies who have been suppliers of Timberin to upload their view on statements that this company does in public.

Today 95% of wood fired hot tubs sold in the UK come from Lithuania. Lithuania is EU member from 2004 and joined Euro area in 2015. Since then the labour costs is rapidly growing to an average EU level however they are still quite low compare to old EU members.

You may ask yourself- why there are lot of similar design products at much different price levels and almost all sellers declare that they are producers. Some based in Lithuania some based in UK. It is quite clear when you buy the car. Mersedes will cost way more then Opel, however here choosing wood fired hot tub You may strugle with the decision as you will not fly to Lithuania or drive from Inverness to Corby just to take a look at hot tub. And here some companies take an advantage of this situation ( we really respect them for their business model and the way their do business and pitty ourselves that we can not do the same as we are so busy running a manufacturing business ourselves.). We will give you couple examples as we know this market very well and can provide verified feedbacks which can be traced 7 years ago with the guys beeing Scotish Border members.

Lets take couple companies which pop up on first on Google search engines and you will understand their full price structure, whats happening behind the scenes and you will be able to compare to ours on every stage of the proccess.

Lets take our designed Regal wood fired hot tub where other companies including the one from Lithuania simply copied from us. To verify that please ask them if they can supply this model in 85cm and 1m depth. We can - meaning we design fiberglass moulds where in some cases it may take years to build it up.

  MB Timberin based in Lithuania declares that they are one out of 4 the biggest suppliers of wood fired hot tubs in Europe.
First you will be suprised that by checking this company on rekvizitai.lt site you will see that it has only 3 workers insured and they produce impresive range of products ranging from Fibreglass to Outdoor Saunas. What is intresting that the staff team is young 24-28 year persons (we dont have  anything against it and respect them) however, all with "7-10" years experience in everything. You may ask yourself, how they can supply the whole Europe running a manufacturing company with few employees. Unless every of them works 600 hours a day. We can not find any other answer yet. You wont find their verified feedback on ebay and their try to avoid any transaction there as on ebay customers has the ability to leave a negative feedback as well. 

So what happens when you placed the order with us and with them as fiberglass production is way more complicated compare to wood working or metal welding. And this is only a simple /per product example.

First we have our own gelcoat mixing equipment and by applying coloring paste we create your required RAL code. Thats why we dont charge anything extra for this. MB Timberin sends the order to fiberglass shop i.e www.ramplastas.lt. Since they dont have the gelcoat mixing equipment, they offer only standard colors and any other colors must be purchased in 20kg drums. Since the shell requires only 5kg of gelcoat, fiberglass shop will charge Timberin for extra gelcoat and Timberin will pass these costs onto you.
Second we use the latest GRACO fiberglass chop system and we dont laminate by hand. (Please ask us for a small video showing our production). Pl The production output is 7 times more efficient meaning one guy does 7 persons job. After spray up we add metal frame on top of fiberglass shell and fiberglass it to the structure meaning that the base and shell is one structure. Please note that we use world no 1 brand Ashland resin and gelcoat. What happens at Timberin. After fiberglass shell is cured at ramplastas.lt shop they must transport it to Kazlu Ruda at wood working shop. Please note that this fiberglass shell is very light weight as fiberglass shop is being pressed on the price and of course they save on all means including thickness of fiber matt etc. Our fiberglass shell weights double that the one offered by Timberin.
Also GRACO equipment eliminates any future defects, has almost twice better resin output and creates the shell as one piece mould.  Please ask us for pictures what happens to Fiberglass shell when it is made by hand and exposed to Sun.

After shell is ready we drill the holes add our jakuzzi equipment, stove which is welded with our Latest world no 1. brand Kempi equipment where Timberin fiberglass shell is only on its way to other wood working shop MB  Egis ir Ko and stove is being welded at third shop.

Over all when you buy  from Timberin you have to pay all companies profit margins, Ramplastas -Egis ir Ko -Welding Shop. Then Timberin sends this product to you course with its margin as well. When company goes to the chain of suppliers and only sells the final product, it must fit at least  reasonable price levels compare to others. And how you do a reasonable price level employing such chain???

So what may happen:
The legal status of company Timberin is MB which means "mazoji bendrija". Couple years ago Lithuanian goverment introduced a new legal status  for small businesses - mazoji bendrija abrevation MB. MB stands the same as sole propiertoship however it is a limited liability company with no any share paid up capital and no any obligation to supply public financial statements. Company participants can extract the capital from MB with paying no or very little taxes.

So you bought an expensive fiberglass hot tub. After 6 months you have noticed that air bubbless are appearing in gelcoat due to that it was made by hand lamination, not with proper machinery like our GRACO spray up equipment. You send the claim to Timberin.
Timberin sends the claim to Ramplastas (lucky if this shop still exists). Since fiberglass shop works on a little margin 99% chance that it will refuse to fix the claim as these guys wont fly to UK or Germany to fix that up.  As time is passing, you decide to sue Timberin at court where it appears that company does not any capital. 
Well and then it is quite simple. In couple days they will reset up a new MB, change all requisities on the webpage and will continue on a different name.

This our statement was made on 24/05/2016 as it is very likely that they will employ other schemes in the future.