HotTubSauna team will be happy to guide you through main points which need to be considered first before making any decision to buy.

First and the most important factor - What size hot tub do I need!

For our supplied hot tubs the general size guide is:

Hot tubs with internal stove: 160 cm = max. 4 persons, 180 cm = max. 6 persons, 200 cm = max. 8 persons, 220 cm = max. 10 persons.

We also have the model which is oval shape measuring Lenght 3m; Width 2.2m and can accommodate 13 adults with the large space in the middle. 

Hot tubs with external stove: 160 cm = max. 6 persons, 180 cm = max. 8 persons, 200 cm = max. 10 persons, 220 cm = max. 12 persons. 

Our hot tubs are 1.1m standard height (external) - 1m (internal)

Extra deep tubs with 1.2m depth (internal)- 1.3m (external) for a deeper body submersion can be supplied on request.

With such tubs the seat height is higher which allows you to maintain more comfortable sitting angle. To add extra rigidity - all deep soakers are equipped with 3 stainless steel bands. The band thickness - 3mm. 

A normal size family does not need larger than 4-6 seater standard depth hot tub. 1.6m with external stove is large enough to accommodate 4-6 people at once. Choosing the larger tub than is actually needed, means additional costs on fuel, longer heating and filling times. And later it will turn out that most of the time the hot tub will never actually be used as planned. 

Shall I buy with internal or external stove? The common believe is that hot tubs with internal stoves are heated faster. This assumption is right only when comparing the same diameter products. However, externally heated tubs are smaller than the same seating capacity internally heated products. As with external stove you would need to heat less water - the effect is very much the same !!!. HotTubSauna supplies different sizes of external stoves to suit your needs.

I prefer not to change the water very often and want to use water sanitation chemicals. Which product is right for me?

As wood is porous material, untreated timber hot tubs will not be suitable for you. Neither plain Siberian Spruce or Larch. If Spruce or Larch wooden hot tub has held water without leaking for some time, and then begins to leak, 99% of the cases are problems from wood degradation. A common cause is the use or overuse of chlorine and bromine which results in delignification, a process in which the wood cells are actually eaten up. A symptom is the presence of cellulose fuzz on the tub's surfaces, which can be removed with a stiff brush. Such problems never arise on fiberglass and polypropilene wood fired hot tubs. Thermowood is almost 3 times more resistant to chemical attacts compare to untreated timber.

I still prefer the natural wooden hot tub look and will need to have the water treatment?

HotTubSauna team is proud to be the only company in the UK who offers wooden hot tubs under Easy Care line. Easy Care wooden hot tubs are built using the same old barrel cooperage method, just the popypropilene liner is added to the barrel' structure. Solid wooden bottom, no more limits on water sanitation, no more leaks caused by timber shrinkage, excellent durability and thermal insulation properties.! All these benefits you will get with our Easy Care wooden hot tubs. And the upgrade is only £199 extra on any our plain timber tubs. 

 As everyone's taste is different, HotTubSauna offers almost 20 different types of top finishings at no extra cost!!

 Do you wish to have customized steps for an easy slot to your hot tub or to hide all elec. devices with these steps? 

The best options for an in-ground hot tub are wood fired hot tubs from glass fiber. It can be built into a cement patio, surrounded by a wooden deck or even sunken in a lawn. In-ground hot tubs can be backyard centerpieces, landscaped or hidden by a garden for a romantic getaway. And it does not require an additional space if any electrical equipment needs to be installed, like water jets, air bubbles etc. Unlike wooden hot tubs, glass fiber material is free of oxydation and will give you many years of pleasure with minimal maintenance. 

Our Wooden Hot Tubs are delivered ready assembled and can be used straight away. If the access is difficult all wooden hot tubs can be supplied in a kit form  for a self assembly or assembled on site by one of our dedicated team member, If you are a DIY kind of person, please ask us for a Wooden hot tub kit and get further 10 % OFF. Wooden hot tub kits are manufactured using latest CNC technology, no woodworking skills or special tools required to erect the wood hot tub.